Wood Species


We are able to mill to almost any specifications. Here are some of wood species we commonly use.

A very blonde wood, white to light tan in color. Very hard, commonly used for baseball bats. Great alternative to Oaks especially when staining. Also more cost effective.
Beautiful salmon pink to brown color. Ages to a deep reddish brown with a golden luster.
Poplar (Paint Grade)
White, green and purple at times in color. Ages to a silver tone. Most commonly used in painted molding, cabinets and plywood cores. By far the most cost effective hardwood in a painted application.
Red Oak
Tan with reddish tinge, open grain. Most commonly used for flooring.
White Oak
Harder, Heavier and more dense than Red Oak. Light tan or pale yellow brown to pale or dark brown in color. Commonly used in barrel making, flooring and exterior millwork, high resistance to moisture.
Hard Maple
Very light cream colored wood, sometimes refered to as "White Maple". Hard, dense and most commonly used in cabinet making and plywood veneer.
Soft Maple
Not soft at all, just softer and less dense than Hard Maple. Color tends to be less attractive than Hard Maple, often has a silver tone and small brown streaks. Also used as a paint grade hardwood for interior millwork, a higher grade alternative to poplar.
Brown or light reddish brown to dark reddish brown. Commonly used as a Mahogany replacement. So much so it's commonly marketed as "Sapele Mahogany". And may I add,one of our favorite woods!
Highly regarded as one of the most attractive North American hardwoods. Purplish-Brown tones with a golded glow. Commonly used in gun stocks and high end cabinetry and furniture.

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